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Description | Council News | Year 7 | Issue 2 | May 2009

Council News


BMW Clubs International Council Newsletter

BMW 700 – The saviour turns 50

Photo: BMW AG

The saviour turns 50: BMW 700 Highlights of this issue: • Report: TECHNO CLASSICA in Essen • Report: Dream trip for three • Current Events: 10 years of BMW Club Croatia •R eport: The New Year parade of Kobe City Fire Department brigades • Diary: Key international events for the BMW Club scene and BMW Classic

Extract from BMW Group Media Information, BMW Group Classic 2009 The post-war period was a very difficult time for BMW. Having lost the plant in Eisenach, cars had to be built in Munich for the first time. A lack of financial resources forced the company to adopt a model policy which did not go down well with the market, putting BMW in a situation which almost led to the company being sold. The fact that things turned out differently in 1959 was partially due to the BMW 700 having been developed – a vehicle which gave great cause for help.

How did this come about? In July 1958, the Viennese BMW importer and automobile engineer Wolfgang Denzel presented his car in a draft design by Michelotti. The decision was made in favour of this draft in October 1958. Using this as a basis, the BMW stylists developed an automobile which was far removed from the previously familiar BMW shaping: the BMW 700. Read more on page 03

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Editorial / Inhalt

Greeting from Jörg-Dieter Hübner

Current Events

The saviour turns 50: BMW 700




Continued from CN 1/09: Dream trip for three

Dear BMW Club members, As a result of the international financial and economic crisis, the automotive industry in particular is confronted with huge challenges. BMW has not escaped this development and has suffered a decline in sales. However, having taken precautionary measures early on, the company is still in a relatively strong position as compared to some competitors. Throughout the long history of the company, difficult times have come round again and again and BMW has always been able to emerge stronger than before. The same will be the case this time: the course has already been set.


We are also relying on over 200,000 BMW Club members worldwide who have always supported us in our efforts as brand ambassadors, opinion leaders and loyal customers.

Current Events

BMW has been making cars for 80 years. Nobody could have known that from such modest beginnings would one day emerge a premium brand of international standing.

Continued from page 05: Traumreise zu dritt

10 years of BMW Club Croatia

Current Events

Continued from page 07: 10 years of BMW Club Croatia


BMW Clubs Australia Nationals 2009





New Year parade of Kobe City 10 The Fire Department brigades

11 Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Page

Editorial / Contents


international events for the 12 Key BMW Club scene and BMW Classic

In addition to BMW Group Classic, the BMW Clubs and their activities ensure that the achievements and products of the past are not forgotten. I was lucky to be involved in almost one third of BMW’s history – as press spokesman, doing PR for the Munich plant and most recently in BMW Group Classic. Here I had the privilege to work very closely with the BMW Clubs. Right at the start, the restructuring of the worldwide BMW Club family into regional sections and umbrella organizations was very important, as was the foundation of the Classic and Type Clubs Section as a special interest group and the reorganization of the International Club Office. Recently we implemented the worldwide Club Survey and the new Club CI. I was always open to suggestions from club delegates and even though we did not always see eye to eye, there was always a willingness to work together. I am very grateful to you all for this. My special thanks go to the Board members of the BMW Clubs International Council, who supported me energetically in creating the basis for the BMW Club community to develop successfully in the future. So it is with mixed feelings that I leave working life at BMW at the end of July. However, I will certainly endeavor not to lose contact completely with the BMW Clubs and will perhaps attend the odd Club event in an unofficial capacity. Many thanks for your support and all the very best for the future. Yours sincerely,

Publication details: V.i.S.d.P.: Jörg-Dieter Hübner BMW Group Classic Sales and Marketing International Club Organisations 80788 München

Jörg-Dieter Hübner Manager Club Organizations BMW Group Classic

Council News 2/09 • Page 02

Council News 5/09

Current Events

Continued from page 01. The saviour turns 50: BMW 700

The saviour turns 50: BMW 700 Extract from BMW Group Media Information, BMW Group Classic 2009

More comfort with the BMW LS Luxus

Under the direction of Wilhelm Hofmeister, two cars were created based on this design: a two-door sedan and a coupé. In addition to its entirely new shape, the BMW 700 was the first BMW with an integral body shell. On June 9, 1959, the BMW Board of Directors presented the new BMW 700 Coupé to around 100 international automobile journalists. When the new coupé was unveiled, there was spontaneous applause. And indeed the BMW 700 turned out to be a real crowdpuller at the BMW stand at the IAA in Frankfurt in 1959. Unlike the coupé, which had the flair of a sports car, the sedan was practical in style and offered a much more spacious body superstructure which offered plenty of space for four adults.

Photo: BMW AG

Open-top driving pleasure in the BMW 700 The most exclusive model of the series came out in 1961, the BMW 700 Convertible. Baur in Stuttgart had suggested an opentop version and BMW had contracted out the design and production of the model to them. An uncomplicated roof mechanism made open-top driving a genuine pleasure.

Destined for a career in racing: BMW 700 Coupé The sporting qualities of the BMW 700 Coupé were revealed soon after the start of production, winning gold medals and titles as early on as 1960. It was in the BMW 700 that Hans Stuck won the German Hillclimbing Championship once again at the ripe old age of 60. Many customers then expressed the desire for a more powerful engine in the serial production model, too. The time finally came in summer 1961: the press presentation of the BMW 700 Sport was held at the Nürburgring in August. It was this power version that became a legend of the early sixties, especially in motor racing. The 700 GT was produced in 1960 for the factory team, a year later this was followed by the BMW 700 RS. It had a space frame with aluminium body and a vertical drive shaft engine with 70 bhp, weighed less than 600 kg and had a top speed of 200 km/h – enough to secure the German Circuit Championship for Walter Schneider in 1961. For years to come, the sporty 700 models were highly successful in the various performance categories.

Premier in 1961 – the BMW 700 Convertible

Photo: BMW AG

New generation brings an increase in comfort The most far-reaching change came in 1962. The sedan was fitted with a body which was 32 cm larger, including an extended wheelbase, which significantly increased comfort. The model was marketed as the BMW LS and BMW LS Luxus. The coupé was not updated until autumn 1964 and came off the production line in its last year as the BMW LS Coupé. All in all this successful passenger car was sold to 190,000 customers up to 1965.

Council 06 CouncilNews News2/09 2/07• •Page Page03

Council News 2/09


170,000 visitors from 40 countries at the TECHNO CLASSICA

TECHNO CLASSICA, Essen, 2.–5.4.2009 By Stefan Bordt, Club News Editor of BMW Veteranen-Club Deutschland e.V. vehicle, a BMW 3/15 DA2 dating back to 1929, and continued with an extremely rage 4-door Autenrieth convertible version of the BMW 335, originally presented in 1939, which was celebrating its 70th birthday.

BMW Group Classic stand

Photo: Nina Hornung

The sun was shining, the cherry trees were in full bloom: spring was approaching in leaps and bounds, it was high time TECHNO CLASSICA opened its gates as the opening event of the 2009 classic car season. For five days, 1,000 exhibitors from 28 countries and over 230 vintage, classic and brand clubs transformed the 20 trade fair halls into a veritable paradise for every lover of historical vehicles. The unique atmosphere of this event was largely due to the originally designed club stands, the excellently stocked parts dealers and the wide range of automobiles on offer – from low-priced recent classics through to vintage models fetching several millions of euros. In spite of the economic crisis being in full swing, 170,000 visitors from 40 countries found their way to Essen.

This was followed by an area featuring BMW vehicles from the 1950s. After the BMW 503 and 507, the icons of the fifties, visitors’ attention was caught by another anniversary candidate: the BMW 700 which took BMW out of a crisis 50 years ago. Flanked by a BMW Isetta with a camping trailer and the predecessor model, the BMW 600, there were also a BMW 700 convertible, an LS Coupé, a 700 Sport and a 700 RS to be seen. The BMW R 10 scooter prototype, the BMW R 24, RS 54 with sidecar and R 51/3 represented motorcycle production in Munich at the time. On the opposite side, BMW automobiles of the 1960s to 1980s were on show. As examples one might mention the models 2000CS, 3.0 CSL, 2002 turbo, 323i E 21, 635CSi, M1, 535i E 28 and 320i E 30 Convertible. A roadster gallery took the visitor from the BMW Z1 and Z3, vehicles of the nineties, to the BMW Z8 from the year 2000 and into the state of BMW automobile history as it stands today with the current BMW Z4.

BMW Group Classic put on its traditional presentation in Hall 12. The style was timeless and unelaborate, to pleasing visual effect. All desks of the BMW Club stands, the panels and BMW Group area with its Classic Shop, Classic Center and Council Club displayed a uniform design consisting of white cube elements combined to form larger units but without losing their visual distinctiveness. Metaphorically speaking, the combined cube principle was echoed in the presentation of the BMW Clubs, the ambassadors of the brand BMW. These came together to form a large Club area, while each still remained a clearly identifiable separate entity. The 35 vehicles on show were in impeccable condition without exception, mainly belonging to Club members. There were once again several anniversaries to celebrate this year. For the visitor, the tour of the stand was a trip through 80 years of BMW automobile history. It started with the oldest

A classic – BMW M1

Photo: Stefan Bordt

All in all, the presentation of the brand BMW at TECHNO CLASSICA was very successful, not least due to the friendly staff of BMW Group Classic and the many club members who provided expert information and engaged in pleasant conversation. Further information

BMW Veteranen-Club Deutschland e.V.

Council News 2/09 • Page 04

Council News 2/09


Continuation article from Council News 1/09

Dream trip for three By Uwe Gusen, GLAS Automobil Club International e.V. Photos: Peter Backhaus

Peter Backhaus during the shooting for his film in one of the many toured countries

On July 7, 1960 they set sail from Buenos Aires for Cape Town in South Africa with their big Goggomobil on board, checking into a cheap hotel on arrival. A short time later there was a knock on the door and an employee from the local Glas office was standing at the door. He had heard of the globetrotters’ arrival and reserved accommodation for them at a very good hotel. They moved into their new rooms and were treated excellently by the dealers of the country. The journey then continued via Rhodesia and Tanzania to Kenya. Here they experienced a whole new world, gathering impressions of the culture and people which they filmed and photographed extensively. In Kenya, Marlotte fell ill and had to endure a severe bout of malaria. But on they traveled, taking a ship up the Nile and then to Khartoum in Sudan. Passing through Chad they finally arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, by which time the Isar was at the end of its tether. They shipped it back to Germany and flew to Frankfurt. They traveled by bus to Hamburg where Peter Backhaus took Marlotte home to her parents, who were of course thrilled to see her. After spending some time in Hamburg they flew to Munich in August 1962. From there they were driven by factory vehicle

to Dingolfing. The town was decked out with flags and even a band played in honor of the travelers. Factory staff prepared a warm welcome for Peter and Marlotte. This was followed in the evening by a lavish celebration which was to be remembered by all for a long time to come. Other points of interest The Glas factory wanted to use Marlotte Aue and Peter Backhaus both as an advertising vehicle and as test drivers. The company ran its own test drives but the trip outside Europe under extremely tough conditions offered particularly interesting insights for the technicians. In addition, a documentary report appeared in the customer magazine “Das Goggomobil” which related the experiences of the two globetrotters. In the first few years, these travel reports only showed photographs of Marlotte Aue: an attractive young woman was undertaking an adventurous trip around the world all on her own in a little Goggomobil Coupé. Peter Backhaus was not mentioned once. The pictures showed Marlotte in front of toppled trees, at river crossings and with the Goggomobil stuck in a swamp.

Council News 2/09 • Page 05

Council News 2/09


Continued from page 05

The report was written with great panache and lots of photos in documentary style conveyed something of the exotic cultures and showing happy, laughing people. Glas decided to provide the couple with the Isar at the end of 1959. The Goggomobil had been put to the test for two years, with regular reports appearing in the Goggomobil News. Now another campaign was to be started, reporting on Glas’s new model from all over the world. At this point, readers were told the truth about the expedition and “Peter” was introduced. “You probably thought it was rather irresponsible for a young girl to be traveling all on her own through the Orient and even further afield. You are right, of course …” Marlotte reported, and “camera-shy Peter” was promptly involved and from this point on was also shown in the photographs. The film Peter Backhaus had traveled on a motorcycle through India several years previously and had shot the film “Ruf der Götter” (“Call of the Gods”). He had shown this film in schools and at evening events and had been very successful in Germany with it. India was still very much on his mind and was the focus of his future film plans, too. “In spite of all the modern means of transport, in spite of airlines and shipping, most people simply don’t know what the world looks like,” said Peter Backhaus. Using modern color film technology he wanted to show people foreign cultures. The big wide world was his theme and Marlotte was the central leitmotif running through the entire film.

tional promotional material for the vehicle could be created. In return, Glas bore the costs for enlarging the film footage and producing five screening copies. The film premiered on March 5, 1965 in Munich and ran in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for about two or three years. Glas Club member Jörg Heyen discovered a screening copy of the film several years ago and made contact with the Backhaus’s. Although it was damaged, it was possible to partially enhance the copy using original footage provided by Peter Backhaus. After the sudden death of Jörg Heyen, restoration of the film was completed by Matthias Kirketerp. The latter then collaborated with Peter and Marlotte Backhaus to turn the footage into a television film, enabling many people to share the couple’s unforgettable experiences once again. This film is now available on CD and can be ordered at the price of € 19.90 incl. postage from [email protected] or

The trip in a small car was popular and the idea was this type of vehicle would be more effective over some of the rougher terrain. The content was to be similar to that of the film “Traumstraßen der Welt” (“Dream Roads of the World”) which had been released in cinemas to great success. It was distributed by the same company that Peter Backhaus had chosen for his film, Globus-Film Munich. With his equipment, Backhaus was able to create a 16 mm reversal film in Kodachrome, the best color film material available at the time. However, for the cinema he needed an enlargement to 35 mm. He was aware that this would require significant extra funding – equivalent to many times the cost of a Goggomobil. However, he did not want to go from city to city as in his last film but was determined to obtain cinema quality. When they arrived back in Germany in August 1962, they had around 12 hours of film footage with them. The result was a 75-minute color film with wonderful shots from all over the world and authentic scenes showing the various cultures. The little Isar was subjected to all kinds of adventure along the route. There was an agreement with Glas that only the new progressive Isar model would be shown in the film. This meant addi-

A book describing the entire world trip entitled “Im Goggo um die Welt – Eine Traumreise in den 50er Jahren” by Peter and Marlotte Backhaus in collaboration with Matthias Kirketerp was published by Christian Verlag, Munich. 192 pages • 300 black/ white and color photos • Map of the route, 23 x 26 cm • Hard cover with jacket • € 24.95, ISBN 978-3-88472-744-7

Further information

GLAS Automobil Club International e.V.

Council News 2/09 • Page 06

Council News 2/09

Current Events

BMW Club Croatia celebrates its 10th anniversary

10 years of BMW Club Croatia By Silvio Lokar, President of BMW Club Croatia

10th anniversary of the BMW Club Croatia

On March 27th, exactly on the 10th anniversary of founding meeting, a solemn assembly of the association of BMW Club Croatia was held. Along active members, there were also guests – Predrag Trkulja – Vice President of BMW Club Europa e.V. for motorcycles and Zvonimir Borovnjak – representative of BMW importer for Croatia – firm BMW Tomic & Co. Opening session, president Silvio Lokar said: “During several decades in our country there were a few BMW clubs. They have all stopped working after a short time.” On March 27th 1999, founders and other interested met and Constituent Assembly of the new association named BMW CLUB CROATIA (in Croatian language: BMW klub Hrvatska) was held.

club Zagreb. BMW Club Croatia became the umbrella association of Croatian BMW Clubs. During year 2007, we were joined by BMW car club M. BMW auto club 3 Series and BMW Club Split are in process of being established. BMW Club Croatia is very active in the BMW Club Europa, Croatian moto Alliance (HAMS) and in oldtimer movement – and it is a founder of Croatian Oldtimer Alliance (HROS) and the Croatian Old vehicles Association (HSSV).

Desire for the driving, education and company was the reason to establish a BMW club. It was decided that the activity of the club will cover the whole territory of the country, so this is the reason why the name of the Republic of Croatia is included in the name of the club. The goal is to bring together owners, drivers and sympathizers of BMW vehicles, to perform actions for popularization of BMW vehicles, their presentation and approximation to a wide circle of people, but also the collection and preservation of BMW vehicles and associated literature. One of the priority tasks was already reached in the autumn of 1999 when the club became a member of “BMW Club Europa e.V.”. Increasing the number of members and adapting to the policies and the Statute of BMW Club Europa, during the spring of year 2006 sections were transformed into the BMW car club Zagreb, BMW moto club Zagreb and BMW oldtimer

Giving permission of BCE

Persons “responsible” for the good work of BMW Club Croatia during all these years are the President Silvio Lokar, Vice President Sasa Zimmermann accompanied with a very good and active board.

Council News 2/09 • Page 07

Council News 2/09

Current Events

Continued from page 07

In the past 10 years plenty of events and meetings were organized in Croatia and abroad where we have achieved a significant success. We have cared about the maintenance of our vehicles, helped colleagues with advice and actions, obtained many benefits, simply – we have organized a good club life. The permanent activities of BMW Club Croatia are club meetings every Thursday where latest news are passed to the members and discussions about our activities are held. Also, experience in maintenance is exchanged, advices about the purchase and sale of vehicles and equipment are being given, and in the end there is always chat about different things accompanied with refreshments. All in all, cherishing good relations with each other.

About the new conditions of service and discount

greatest human qualities and characteristics and in each one of them you can find understanding and gain selfless help if you ever need. To the opinion of many, the biggest advantage and satisfaction of members of BMW Club Croatia is the sense of belonging to a large global family of BMW enthusiasts, but also the feeling that in the BMW Club Croatia, there are colleagues and friends that you can always count on!

Club uniforms with honorary membership to the youngest member

Each year two club meetings are organized: “BMW rally” in June and “BMW memorial” in September. It should also be noted that BMW Moto Club Zagreb organizes lectures and training rides at the beginning of each season for the past few years and that is certainly a significant contribution to increasing safety and reducing accident rates. Appearance in and cooperation with many media are being made, and following the technological advances we have a site on the Internet, where clicking at everyone can find out all there is about work and life in the BMW Club Croatia or its members. During our activities we have contacted many companies with whom we made agreements for special discounts for using a variety of products and services. With Zvonimir Borovnjak, representative of BMW importer for Croatia, we have an agreement on price discounts for buying original parts and also for servicing BMW vehicles. It is valid for the members of BMW Club Croatia and as of this year for all owners of BMW Club Europa member cards also. The BMW Club Croatia gathers people of different profiles, occupations, interests and activities which are linked by a common interest in the products of the BMW AG. They cherish

Usually excellent mood at the conversation

Simply, it is pleasant to be a member of BMW Club Croatia!

Further information

BMW Club Croatia

Council News 2/09 • Page 08

Council News 2/09


BMW Drivers Club NSW hosted the 2009 Nationals

BMW Clubs Australia Nationals 2009 By Bob Williams, Vice Chair Cars of BMW Clubs Australia Sunday, early breakfast and off to Oran Park with 59 cars in a convoy for Motorsport. Lots of great competition on a fine day but my clutch peddle failed to operate and I spent the day with the car on a trailer borrowed from Peter Kilner’s Dad, taking the car back to Sydney and picking up a spare car. 40 attendees joined the fun and challenging tourist drive arranged by the BMW Car Club of ACT. They drove all over the Southern Highlands and down to Kiama attempting to answer questions along the way. The report is that there were no divorces as a result of this event.

BMW Show of Excellence

Over the four days of Easter 2009, BMW Clubs Australia ran its Nationals in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW at the town of Bowral. This event, hosted by BMW Drivers Club NSW, commenced on Friday evening with a welcoming dinner at Craigieburn Resort. Our dinner was addressed by Ian Branston, BMW Clubs International Council Chairman, who welcomed attendees. Saturday, we had a great breakfast at the resort, the weather remained dry and it was a convoy drive to the Show of Excellence at Sir Donald Bradman Oval in Bowral. 78 beautiful BMWs lined up for the BMW Show of Excellence. On show were a 1964 Luxus BMW 700, a 3.0CSL, a 2002 Turbo, a group of BMW E24s and E31s as well as the usual range of 3s, 5s, 7s, Xs and Zs. At this BMW Show of Excellence we introduced a new and simple judging system where cars of similar build design are judged against each other. Even the local news paper had a representative present interviewing and taking photos. On Saturday night many of us dressed up in Scottish garb for a Highland Fling. Would you believe that I made my own kilt with a BMW 2002 snout grill as my sporran with accessories of beret and shirt found on the Internet by Carolyn. This won the best combined theme costume (Scottish and BMW) award on the night.

Best combined theme costume

Sunday afternoon with more partying we went into the Function Centre at Craigieburn for the Presentation Dinner. Show of Excellence Winners were announced, Tourist Drive teams were awarded and the Motorsport trophies were handed out. Our final event was our Stayers BBQ lunch where we served a startling range of food and the party continued. 46 members told stories and said good-byes over a great finger food BBQ. The drive home in the Easter traffic proved to be not too bad and we relaxed after an Easter full of fun and friendship. I recommend the BMW Clubs Australia Nationals to all BMW Club members. The Nationals 2009 was a great success with more than 100 members enjoying each others company and just having BMW fun. Further information

A new and simple judging system was introduced

BMW Clubs Australia

Council News 2/09 • Page 09

Council News 2/09


BMOJ gets involved for the Disaster Prevention Network

The New Year parade of Kobe City Fire Department brigades By Yuji Akimoto, Board member of the BMW Motorrad Owners Club of Japan

Presentation of a BMW K1200LT equipped with a mobile defibrillator

January 11, 2009. A beautiful day of the New Year, BMW Motorrad Owners Club of Japan (BMOJ) volunteered to take part in the New Year parad-e of Kobe City Fire Department brigades. 53 fire engines, 10 ships, 2 fire helicopters were gathered at Kobe Meriken Park, and they conducted an emergency drill in front of 1,300 citizens. In the drill, 3 BMOJ members enacted a multiple pileup accident involving 2 cars and 1 motor coach. Each of us took a role of calling an ambulance, guiding injured people to evacuate, gathering information and communicating with the ambulance crews. Everything needed to be done promptly and properly. We even had rehearsed couple of times, the drill was intense, and I could tell everyone was getting nervous. Through this drill, I learned there are lots of things we can do besides calling an ambulance. It’s been 14 years since Kobe City was struck by the massive earthquake. Rescue vehicles were stuck in the traffic jam, and cars were useless on the roads blocked by building debris. More than 6,000 people were killed and 40,000 people injured. I still remember that I was totally overwhelmed by what had happened, and just stood there not even being able to think of what to do. I was miserably helpless due to this terrible disaster. This bitter experience led me to offer cooperation to Kobe City Fire Department. The head of fire department welcomed our proposal, and BMOJ got registered as a motorcycle brigade of the Non-Government Disaster Prevention Network. They are very much interested in motorcycle’s mobility for emergent delivery of blood bags and medicinal substances.

We all love motorcycles, and ride for fun. But if you learn how to make the best use of your beloved machine, your motorcycle life will be enhanced and more meaningful. One of the main objectives of our club is to make a social contribution through motorcycles. We will continue these activities to convey this message to as many riders as possible.

Practice during the New Year parade

Further information

BMW Motorrad Owners Club of Japan

Council News 2/09 • Page 10

Council News 2/09


Portrait: Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners

Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners By Jeffery L. Yost, President & Co-founder Photos: Sean Weaver In 2004 the VBMWMO was the host vintage club for the American Motorcycle Association’s annual Vintage Motorcycle Days in Mid-Ohio. BMW was the featured Marque. Close to 50,000 people attended. The German Consulates from the U.S. and Canada presented the VBMWMO a special award during this event. VBMWMO’s signature annual rally is “Mayday Madness” in New Hampshire. This is the 34th year for Mayday. On 23–26 July, the VBMWMO is hosting a “rally within a rally” at the BMW RA’s annual rally, entitled “Black Forest to Blackwater”, at Canaan Valley Ski Resort, in Davis, West Virginia.

Club members at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Mid-Ohio

John Harper’s broken Harley coupled with Jeff Dean’s love for old BMWs created the largest and oldest vintage BMW motorcycle club in North America known as the “Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners” (VBMWMO). Roland Slabon accepted the position as Editor and Chief, a position that he held for 31 years! In 2004 the VBMWMO was re-organized by Jeffrey Carpenter and Jeffery Yost. The following Trustees oversee the club: Jeff Carpenter; John Harper, original co-founder; Peter Nettesheim, collector extraordinaire and recipient of the Prof. Dr. Gerhard Knöchlein Award; Roland Slabon, BMW author, editor emeritus, and friend of the marque; and Jeff Yost. Today the VBMWMO has grown from its handful of members in 1972 to over a thousand members encompassing all continents. Within our member’s collective inventory are many fine examples of almost every machine produced by BMW’s Munich, Eisenach, and Berlin factories. The VBMWMO focuses on the preservation, enjoyment, and use of the “Antique” (1923-45), “Vintage” (1948-68), and “Classic” (1969-84) BMW motorcycles. The official “Vintage BMW Bulletin” is published quarterly. It serves as a valuable resource to our members. Our official website is Members are also kept up to date on various restoration topics, events, etc., via the online forum. Current officers are Jeff Yost, President; Jeff Carpenter, treasurer; Charlie Rubin, secretary; and Darryl Richman, webmaster, club moderator, bulletin editor, past secretary. Also serving is Hans Rosenstein, past president, and executive publisher of the Bulletin. Volunteers are Brent & Sue Hansen, West Coast Merchandise Distribution; and Kurt Schrader, Website News and Events.

Honorary lap of club members at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course race track

The VBMWMO’s goal is to continue to grow while helping other clubs learn about BMW’s rich heritage. By working closer with other clubs we will insure the continuity of our passion for our beloved BMW marque.

Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Founded: Members:: Type: Website:

1972 1,059 Motorcycle Club

Council 06 CouncilNews News2/09 2/07• •Page Page11

Council News 2/09


Diary The hearts of all BMW Club members beat a little faster when summer comes. Summer is the highpoint of the year for rallies and events. We want to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the promising events of the 2008 season. Your event isn’t listed yet? Then simply send us the respective information. You will also find an updated calendar of events on our website at

Impression from Yanhuitlán Mexico Photo: Ruben Tenorio





Further information

May 29 – June 01

36th Annual Meeting of the GLAS Automobil Club International e.V. in Salzburg (A)

June 11 – 14

43rd Int. BMW M1 Meeting in Coburg (D)

June 12 – 14

Annual Meeting of the BMW 3er Club (E21/E30) e.V. in Düsseldorf (D)

June 13

13th June BMW M Race Day Salzburgring (A)

BMW M-Club

August 07 – 09

BMW Type Club Meeting during the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix (D)

August 21 – 23

Skandinavian BMW 02 Classic Meeting 2009 in Lillehammer (NO)

September 04 – 06

International BMW 02 Club Cabrio Meeting in Aachen and Hohes Venn (D)

September 10 – 14

BMW Z8 Club celebrates 10th Anniversary of BMW Z8 in Munich (D)

September 11 – 13

Chronoswiss Classics 2009 (D)

September 12 – 16

International Council Meeting 2009 in Regensburg (D)

September 28 – October 04

All websites given in this newsletter are listed here for quick reference. Clubs: Events:

BMW CCA Oktoberfest (USA) Invitation to the Scandinavian BMW 02 Classic Meeting in Lillehammer

Council News 2/09 • Page 12

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